MonaLisa Touch - A Revolutionary Treatment For An Issue Affecting Half Of All Women In Their Lifetime...

How Vaginal Atrophy Affects
Women's Lives

Vaginal Atrophy, or vaginal ageing, can have both a physical and emotional impact on women. It often occurs during and after menopause but can also affect younger women. Learn more about vaginal atrophy and its symptoms...

Long-Lasting Improvements
With MonaLisaTouch

MonaLisaTouch is a revolutionary treatment that can improve many of the underlying causes of vaginal atrophy. Learn about the treatment developed by Europe's leader in minimally-invasive treatment technologies...

Are You A Gynaecologist
or Women's Health Doctor?

If you are a physician who wishes to make the MonaLisaTouch treatment available for your patients, or refer your patients to a MonaLisa Touch clinic, go to our Physician Information page or register for an upcoming information workshop.


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